Brain Muscles

I confess, I have recently fallen off the wagon of fiction. I published a brief (1000 word) nonfiction article on the mysteries of visual perception to The site publishes short nonfiction articles by authors who hope to thereby publicize … Continue reading

Cranking it Backwards

I was listening to a lecture on linguistics and the subject was Proto-Indo-European, (PIE) the prehistoric ancestor of English and many other languages. Words in theĀ PIE languageĀ are derived from comparative analysis of all known existing and historical languages in a … Continue reading

Creativity And Consciousness

Creativity and Consciousness Adams, W.A. (July, 2014). Creativity and Consciousness. RoSE – Research on Steiner Education Vol.5 No.1 2014. ISSN 1891-6511 (online at In this article, I proposed that creativity is a natural phenomenon, part of the very structure … Continue reading