SSA-WD Writer’s Workshop

Arizona Writing Workshop I attended a Writing Workshop sponsored by the Society of Southwestern Authors (, and presented by Writer’s Digest. It was a one-day presentation of information for authors about publishing, marketing, and selling books. This substantial info-dump was … Continue reading

Postmodern Art and Its Discontents

I’m between projects right now, so I’m goofing off by blogging about a course I’m taking from the University of Arizona, “Postmodern Art and its Discontents,” by professor Paul Ivey. From the Syllabus: October 6, 2014 The first lecture was … Continue reading

Creativity And Consciousness

Creativity and Consciousness Adams, W.A. (July, 2014). Creativity and Consciousness. RoSE – Research on Steiner Education Vol.5 No.1 2014. ISSN 1891-6511 (online at In this article, I proposed that creativity is a natural phenomenon, part of the very structure … Continue reading