Capek – Rossum’s Universal Robots

Revenge of the Robots RUR is a play, first produced in 1922,  remembered for introducing the word “robot” into the English lexicon. The story is, lifelike robots are manufactured by the millions to be servants and laborers so humans will … Continue reading

The Population Bomb

A colleague, Skylar Kahn, once met Isaac Asimov and subsequently wrote an interesting rememberance of one his speeches from the 1970’s ( The theme of population growth concerns me and inhabits my latest sci-fi novel in progress. In his concern … Continue reading

Why Trump is Good For America

News media are abuzz with stories of how the establishment Republican party is desperate to stop Trump from getting the presidential nomination. Why? Because he’s supposed to be a flawed character, vulgar and duplicitous, intellectually vapid, and ill-suited for the … Continue reading