Cobwebs Out

Silver CityThe revision of “Robin,” the second android novel, is done. It’s a big improvement over the first draft, but it’s obvious there will be another re-write. As is my style, the story is too complex and I struggle to write a synopsis.  A logline is out of the question. I should write the synopsis and logline before I even start outlining. Good idea, but not possible. First drafts are written into a fog, of necessity.

I have a list of changes that can radically refocus the story but I haven’t got the energy for it. My brain has cobwebs.  I’ll let the manuscript marinate. It has value to be unlocked but it, and I, need a rest.

Meanwhile, I’m using a big stick to beat back agent interest in my first android novel, The Newcomer. I got a request for a full from an agency in California. They apologize for failing to respond sooner (I sent the query letters out last May), saying my query got lost in their in-box. They want to know if I’ve found representation yet. That must be one helluva slush pile if it takes from May to September to get through it.

It’s wonderful to be noticed, but it goes against every atom in my body to decline an invitation from an agent, though of course I will. I haven’t heard peep two from my agent since we got rejected by a top-of-the-heap publisher at the start of the month. Being in the dark is the worst.

In a few days I travel to Silver City, New Mexico to attend a regional book fair. ( Silver City is a charming old mining town that has re-invented itself as an arts community. The speakers look good, and it’s a pleasant day trip from Tucson.  I’ve signed up for an author’s table so I can sell my two self-published mystery novels ( and I’ll have a dozen CreateSpace paperbacks with me, since it’s impossible to sell ebooks in person.  It will be a little adventure to blow the cobwebs out.


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