Jauss – On Writing Fiction

Revelatory Jauss, David (2011). On Writing Fiction: Rethinking Conventional Wisdom About the Craft. Cincinatti, OH: Writers Digest Books. This is a most engaging and helpful “How-to-do-it” book for experienced writers. Its seven essays are thought-provoking and clarifying, well-written and insightful, … Continue reading

Postmodern Art and Its Discontents

I’m between projects right now, so I’m goofing off by blogging about a course I’m taking from the University of Arizona, “Postmodern Art and its Discontents,” by professor Paul Ivey. From the Syllabus: October 6, 2014 The first lecture was … Continue reading

Salter – Light Years

Mrs. Dalloway Meets Emma Bovary While The Sun Also Rises. Salter, James (1975/1995). Light Years. New York: Vintage. If you enjoy lyrical writing, fine descriptions, acutely observed personalities, this book is for you. It’s an impressionistic portrait of two main characters, … Continue reading