10 Problems I Have Not Solved

Ten Problems I Have Not Solved

I have worked on these mysteries for years, some of them, for decades, and have still not been able to come to satisfying solutions. I’ll elaborate on them as time permits.

morpheus-iris-011. How does music affect one’s thoughts and emotions?

2. What is sleep?

3. Why is greed such a fundamental human motive that it drives evolution, individual development, and global economics?

4. What is gravity?

5.  Why are humans so tribal, so ready to huddle with “us” and demonize “them”?

6.  What is love?

7.  Why are there so many languages?

8. Is there a principle of vitalism, after all? Is DNA alive? Is fire alive?

9.  What is death?

10. How is the mind connected to the brain (if it is)?

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