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dog-reading-bookEverybody and their dog is a book reviewer these days. I review the books I read because it helps me to understand and remember what I read.

Read a few of my reviews. If you like the kind of books I like, you’ll have a collection of good books to put on your list.

A book review is an opinion but I try to give reasons for my opinions so you can judge if I’m being fair. I usually don’t review books I didn’t like, because life is too short. So even when I’m critical of a book, if it’s on this list, it’s worthy of your attention.



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  1. I read most of the fiction reviews on your site. You’re a close reader and use your academic skills to illuminate the hidden and subtle elements of even the shorter works. Your arguments are well framed, educational, and refreshingly steer clear of the emotional rants found on so many reviewers’ pages. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts on the books you encounter.

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